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Plumbing Repairs for Kitchen and Bathrooms in the South Shore Region

A broken pipe, cracked sink, or a malfunctioning flush can leave you distressed. Greg Anthony’s Burner & Plumbing Services provide solutions for all your plumbing issues. We offer plumbing repairs in the South Shore region for almost everything that water flows through, including pipes, taps, or sinks. We have unmatched attention to detail, which has accorded us a loyal customer base and recurring clients. There is rarely anything that we cannot fix. For instance, we can also fix dishwashers, washing machines, and ice machines. Here’s a comprehensive list of all that we can do:

Copper pipe

Black iron pipe

PEX pipe

Cast iron pipe

ABS pipe


PVC pipe



Kitchen sink


Shower, sink and tub taps

Outside tap

Hot water tanks

Pressure tanks

The man is installing the heater system in the house and checking pipes by the wrench

Why Choose Us?

Not sure about the pressure in a pipe? Unsure about a leak? Do not worry; we will attend to all your plumbing needs. We also offer emergency services for repairs as well as renovations. Plumbing in your house contributes about fifteen percent of the total value of your home. Quite naturally, it is a very serious affair, which warrants the need for experts. At Greg Anthony’s Burner & Plumbing Services, our technicians make sure to use durable material and make long-lasting changes.

New metal siphon

Get Your Pipes Fixed

We fix pipes on a regular as well as an emergency basis.

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